Samba boys take on La Roja tonight


Two completely different sets of players, representing two different Worlds of football, take on each other tonight. The Spanish side, representing the glamorous European football, and Brasilia, representing the intense and passionate South American brand. The former believes in ruling possession of the ball, making their opponents work and tire out, then finding chinks in the enemy lines. The latter believes in box-to-box stuff, creating chinks themselves in enemy lines with the pace and passion we have come to associate with Brazilian football. Spain are technically gifted, Brazil enormously talented.

Spain’s style of football, with their patient passing, has often been termed boring, sometimes even ugly. But it is efficient. And it works for them. It is no football fluke that they have won consecutive World and European titles, and they will be looking to add this elusive trophy to their brimming cabinet.

Brazil is a team of fresh young blood, tipped to mark a new Brazilian era in World football. And the Samba boys are eager to get started on a magnificent journey.

At the individual level too, an interesting scenario will develop. The Spanish centre backs Pique and Ramos, will be keeping a keen eye on Neymar, not only to keep his quick feet from tearing through, but also because come August, for one he would be the comrade, for the other, enemy number one.

All in all, it would be a riveting battle, one that I will not miss (even though it’ll keep me up till 5 in the morning) !


The transfer window so far…

At the end of every season in May every football fan laments the idea of no football for the next 3 months or so. But ironically, every year in June and July the football World keeps buzzing with that very spice of the game called the transfer window. Nopes, the football frenzy never ends.

This year’s summer window promises not to be any different. And so far it has lived up to the promise. So lets have a look at what has the window given us so far.

There is always that one player that stirs the market with whirlpools of anticipations and speculations. This year’s Man of the Window Award goes to… you guessed it right, Neymar da Silva Santos ! The transfer period is not over by any means (ask Daniel Levy), but such has been the hype and anticipation surrounding the Samba sensation that the choice requires no further candidates.


Over to the Premier League now. As always, the spoiled child of Premier League wanting his hand on everything, City has been linked to each and every player that has been of significance in the market. Isco, Cavani, and Lewandowski have all been in City’s wishlist, who have already bought Jesus Navas and Fernandinho. But their most crucial signature has been of the new manager Manuel Pellegrini from Malaga. They finally had enough of Mancini, after he reportedly declared the acquisition of Roger Federer as vital to surviving the group stages of Champions League.

Tottenham Chelsea and United have been quiet except for one signing each. Yet.

Away from the Neymars, the Iscos and the Lewandowskis, one club that has shrewdly kept its head down and been about its business quietly is Liverpool. Signed 4 players already without any fuss and in the hunt for Benteke too. Back in the top 4 picture they are.

Another club that needs mention is the French version of Chelsea, AS Monaco. Another club benefited from their Russian billionaire owner Dmitry Rybolovlev, buying names like Radamel Falcao, Joao Moutinho, James Rodriguez and Ricardo Carvalho. Soon these clubs are gonna deplete the billionaire specie, mark my words !

Well this was pretty much what happened in the transfer window so far. If I missed a signing, it wasn’t important. Well signing off for now, will post about the rest of the window as it progresses !

It’s all about football

Listening to myself analyze and scrutinize every aspect of football with my brother and friends over the years made me realize I should’ve got a call up from one of the football talk shows a long time ago…

Well I didn’t, so here I am (also because my mum’s had enough of me rambling about football all the time at home), with a talk show of my own.