Arsenal revived ?

In the transfer market: Arsenal 0 Spurs £100 million            

On the football pitch:   Arsenal 1 Spurs 0      

For the last 3 months, Arsenal fans had to endure relentless mocking by their Spurs counterparts for their lack of signings. They basically became a laughing stock after their opening day loss to Aston Villa. But then they managed to cruise past Fenerbahce (but so did Spurs against Dinamo Tbilisi), and then won comfortably against Fulham (but so did Spurs against Swansea). Then came the big encounter. On Sunday, with 60,071 people in attendance, Arsenal finally regained the bragging rights, beat them 1-0 (could’ve been more), and what is more, overtook them on the points table.

So the pressure has eased off Wenger. AND HE HAS FINALLY MADE A NEW SIGNING ! (no, not a free this time). Mesut Ozil is now a Gunner for a whopping £40 million. If only Wenger had done this earlier, we wouldn’t have had to make the “I spent more than Wenger” memes. Sigh. By the way here is a good one:

Wenger finally spotted spending some money !

So, are the problems over for Arsenal? For the time being it certainly looks like so. But two question marks still remain. One of them surrounds how the just acquired German international will fare in the Premier League, where he has never been tested before. The second circles their defense. They have till now conceded 4 goals in 3 games. That is the highest in the top 10, and only Sunderland and Swansea have conceded more. Perhaps a signing in this area was needed more than the one they made on deadline day.

But on the other hand, if Koscielny and Mertesacker can find the form that was so crucial in their Champions League qualification last year, Arsenal can definitely be among the title contenders again. Many would say they already are. They have found the depth in their midfield with the signings of Flamini and Ozil. With Giroud displaying great confidence alongwith clinical finishing, Ramsey finally taking firm control over the centre midfield, and players like Ozil and Walcott on the flanks, this is now a team that can beat anyone. It turns out Wenger was right all along. What a difference one good signing can make.

For the record, Arsenal ARE back in the race. But its a tight one. The scoreline at Anfield on Sunday showed even Liverpool are sneaking up from behind. One thing is for sure. This is gonna be a cracker of season.